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Pool n Spa Services offer a range of Spa services from a mini spa service to a full spa service. We are based in Exeter and cover all over Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset. We have many years on the industry and all our engineers are highly trainined to deal with any faults or problems with you spa.

Our Spa Service includes the following


Check plumbing including pipe and heater unions and isolation valve connections for integrity, identify any leaks present and effect any repairs necessary.

Deep clean and sanitise the hot tub plumbing and pipe work including pump wet end and heater tube, using proprietary biofilm remover.


Run all jet pumps and ensure satisfactory operation.

Operate air blower, if fitted, and ensure satisfactory operation. Visually check that all the air injectors are allowing air through.

Check operation of diverter valves, if fitted.


Check all jets for satisfactory operation – ensure they turn on & off freely using facia plates, if applicable.

Check jet to shell joints for integrity and, where possible, eliminate any leaks.

Electrical & Control Systems

Visually check all wiring for integrity and insulation.

Check the control system and topside controls for the correct operation of each function.

Check operation of the filtration system and adjust timer settings, if necessary.

Check heater for scale build-up and ensure correct operation of the heater functions.

Check mode functions.

Check the lighting system.

Perform a test of the RCD if available and accessible.

Ozone / UV System

Check for correct operation and advise customer if replacement chip or bulb is required.


Remove filter(s) and perform visual check of filter condition.

Clean filter(s) or supply and fit new filters (at additional charge), if required.


Drain all water, rinse spa thoroughly, drain again and vacuum out majority of excess water from pipe work and jet bodies.

Clean shell surface and head rests using proprietary surface and cleaning products.

Clean cover using proprietary cover cleaning product with UV protectant.


Refill with clean water. Check for and eliminate any air locks in pumps.

Balance the Total Alkalinity and pH of the water to within the range required for ecoONE (or for the customer's chosen sanitizer if required).

Add ecoONE spa monthly and filled bromine dispenser to the water and test.

Provide water management advise to the customer, as required.

Wipe down the spa rim, cabinet and steps and leave area clean and tidy


To book your service please call us on 01392 875 111

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